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I am a Young Adult mentor interested in contemporary, romance, and thrillers/mysteries. I am not looking for fantasy, science fiction, or historical works. Contemporary stories with light fantasy elements are okay.

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Welcome, Pitch Wars hopeful! Please take a sip of bubble tea and settle in. I’m so excited to read your submission!

about pitch wars

A little about Pitch Wars: it’s a mentoring program where published and agented authors, editors, and interns each choose a writer to help out! They’ll spend three months honing the writer’s manuscript before going on to the Agent Showcase, where literary agents will read a pitch and first page, with the potential of requesting more. This year, I’ll be mentoring Young Adult.

about me

My debut contemporary novel, You Had Me At Hello World, sold to Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers earlier this year in a six-figure auction, two-book deal. It's a romantic coming-of-age story set at a hackathon. I’m represented by Penny Moore of Aevitas Creative Entertainment.

Fun fact: I submitted to Pitch Wars twice and was never chosen as a mentee! My first year submitting, I got one partial request but was not selected. My second year, I got some requests but withdrew after getting an offer of representation from Penny. Even though I was never a mentee, Pitch Wars was a wonderful way to stay motivated and befriend the writing community.

I'm open to stories from writers of all identities, especially those underrepresented on shelves. However, I'm lucky that both my agent and editor are Asian-American women, which has made me feel so seen and understood. If it helps you make a decision, I identify as a Chinese-American queer cis woman.

I'm also an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology majoring in math!

my mentoring style & what you can expect

If you're my mentee, I'm here to be your champion. I can't wait to brag to everyone about your incredible book, and even after Pitch Wars has ended, I hope we'll stay in touch so I can continue to hype you up. You'll get an edit letter, but we'll also set up a call afterwards to answer any questions you might have. Craft-wise, I love working on character development, plot structure, and style. I've professionally edited before and am here to work with you to elevate your vision. You can check out a critique I did for the Pitch Wars blog here. I'll give you extensive edits on your pitch and first-page as well to ensure you'll shine during the showcase.

I'm happy to communicate with you in whatever method is best for you, whether that is through email, text, call, Zoom, etc.

I can also offer a steady supply of Pusheen!

what I'm looking for

my favorite books

what I especially love

gray areas

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thanks for visiting!

Regardless of what happens, a huge congratulations for finishing a novel draft! That's an achievement that deserves to be celebrated. It takes a lot of courage to submit to Pitch Wars. And hey, I never got selected, but landed an agent and book deal anyway. You never know where life will lead you!

If you have questions, feel free to reach out on Twitter.

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